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About Studio ^O^ & The Molecular Ballet

Studio ^O^ (AOA) is a multidisciplinary art studio and collective based in Oslo, Norway. We work within different fields, spanning from design, cinema and theater to music and dance.

In the period 2010-2020 we have worked to set up The Molecular Ballet, a project intended to develop a creative methodology based on a set of 256 "TOTs" - image seeds with short text snippets collected anonymously from artists, researchers, designers and others.

From these TOTs the universe of the Molecular Ballet is spun, with its dancers and inhabitants traversing freely between the imaginal, the virtual and the phsyical , as they take the lead in developing the ultimate goal of the project: the Ultrahieroglyphic sign language.

Studio ^O^ was founded in 2010 by artists Ann Holmgren, Nikolai Aurebekk Handeland and Petter Width Kristiansen.

In 2020 and 2021 Studio ^O^ will launch several new projects within design, cinema and performing arts. This includes collaborations with Norwegian ballet troupe Ny Høvik Ballett, a series of educational films for small children in the Saami language and a proposals for a TV-series based on the universe of The Molecular Ballet.

info@studioaoa.no | www.instagram.com/molecularballet