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Selected works

The study of the Tots, their texts and the Dancers of the Molecular Ballet, has resulted in collaborations and manifestations in fields, such as cinema and animation, music, photography, theatre and design - all towards the development of the Ultrahieroglyphic.

Illustration: isomorfik, 2019Illustration: Molecular Ballet at Henie OnstadIllustration: Pattern designsIllustration: Saanit language films for small childrenIllustration: Spegel, short filmIllustration: Art direction and photography for Elementa, 2012-2020Illustration: Imaginal machinesIllustration: Axis Coryphee, short film Illustration: Generative animations, 2017-2019Illustration: TAZ RORA HORA, short film.Illustration: The Generator at RosendalIllustration: Prints, 2012-2017Illustration: Lövaman by Roberto PeyreIllustration: Generative animationsIllustration: Axis 200, short film, 2013Illustration: Culture is an operating system, 2014Illustration: Derive